1. 2000In Alicante in 2000 “DGA Electricity” is constituted, thus consolidating the task of electrical installations already had been carried out years ago. It began with the first EIB installations that later would become the current KNX standard. In the beginning stand out the following works.
  2. 2001Continuing the reform of the Melia hotel among other smaller works. We star to work with the Inditex Group, making integral maintenance in the Group stores.
  3. 2002Continuing the reform of the Hotel Spa Porta Maris among other works. We continue to work with Inditex Group, making integral maintenance in all Alicante Group stores.
  4. 2003We continue to work almost on an exclusively basis for the Inditex Group, which in addition to other maintenance work, mainly shops.
  5. 2004Integral maintenance of Inditex Group stores in Alicante, we add other maintenance work and other important job the renovation of Hotel Maya.
  6. 2005Domótica Levante S. L. is constituted. We do installations of home automation with honeywell systems, HIFI systems and CCTV in houses and industrial buildings, iniciating research on home gateway with Telefonica España.
  7. 2006Domotica Levante automation installations with EIB systems and CCTV in car parks and industrial buildings among others.
  8. 2007Automation with KnX systems. Integral installations and CCTV installations among others.
  9. 2008Automation installations with KNX and Hometronic systems. Special programming for the management and billing of comsumption in owner communities.
  10. 2009Automation with KNX, several electrical.
  11. 2010Installations of CCTV, home automation systems KNX.
  12. 2011CCTV installations, automation KNX systems, Hotel Maya’s integral maintenance and others C.P….

    Integral ARABI PARK owners community and the hotel MAYA facilities maintenance,.

    Installations and Several repairs to:

    Repairs of home automation systems for CASTELLO constructions.

    Making of dental clinic OLCINA in Alicante.

    Home automation installation in houses in Santa Pola, promotions DON SENTO.

    Maintenance in community EL ALBIR.

    Network system at offices of EUREST.

    Installation of automation system in CABEZO DE TORRES sport center.

    Updates and system repairs of automation in several individuals.

  13. 2012Realización de instalaciones de circuito cerrado de televisión, softwares, sistemas domóticos KNX…
  14. 2013Installation of KNX automation, lighting, audio SONOS, maintenance, etc.
  15. 2014CCTV installations, KNX automation, integral maintenance….

    Complete installation of electricity, networking, audio, lighting and home automation KNX in dental clinic Gabo Almoradí.

    Single-family homes KNX automation to construction company Grupo Marjal.

    Technical maintenance in Hotel Maya Alicante.

    Professional Wi-Fi systems installation.

    Other smaller projects.

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