Blinds and awnings are element in all kind of houses. But the true is that we do not take away the potential they have. Due to automation we are going to save on air conditioning making a smart control of them.

According of the position of our hose, the geographic situation and the season of the year, the sun will fall on the facade in a particular zone depending of the hour. An automation installation will take care of the blinds extension or the blinds position, as we know each day of the year will be different, so, during winter season, the solar radiation will enter into our house through the windows in order to save the waste in air conditioning. In addition, when the solar radiation will be not enough, will close out the blinds in order to do not lost the heat that will be inside.

This task could be almost impossible making manually, but with our control system we guarantee that you will forget this task and an optimal result about use of energy.

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